Dionne Warwick Shares HIV/AIDS Public Service Announcement: Watch by Colin Stutz


For more than 30 years Dionne Warwick has supported the fight against HIV/AIDS and has now shared a new PSA for the cause. 

The piece produced by nonprofit ARCIA opens with video of Warwick speaking decades ago about her work in HIV/AIDS awareness before cutting to the iconic entertainer in current day. In the 1980s, Warwick was one of the first celebrities to publicly announce her support to combat HIV/AIDS. 

“Despite remarkable progress in the fight against HIV, women account for almost 20 percent of the estimated 45,000 new HIV infections in the United States each year,” she says in the video. “African American women account for an alarming 62 percent of new HIV infections [among women]. We must continue to protect ourselves. If you are sexually active, no matter what your age, please practice safe sex and get texted for HIV.”


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Warwick’s message was delivered on Wednesday (March 8), International Women’s Day. And though it was for all women, the 76-year-old spoke to an older demographic by directing viewers to ACRIA’s AgeIsNotACondom.org website. The clip also coincides with Women’s History Month in March and National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on Friday, March 10. 

Watch Warwick’s “Women and HIV/AIDS” PSA here:



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