Listen to Bobby Shmurda Spit a Freestyle From Prison /2017 by Carl Lamarre FACEBOOK

Even though Bobby Shmurda is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence on various weapons possession and conspiracy charges, that isn’t stopping the Brooklyn MC from polishing his raps. On Monday (Feb. 27), he whipped up a quick freestyle while on the phone with Meek Mill and Trav.

Freestyling over speakerphone, Shmurda begins: “Hating a– n—-s, I ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Before unleashing his quick freestyle, he gave an update to his peers on how he’s been managing during his time in jail. “Man, I’m good. I’m getting big, man. I’m writing every day. I got some shit, man,” he said. 

Last October, Shmurda was officially sentenced to seven years behind bars, following a plea deal he accepted give weeks prior.


Bobby Shmurda Accepts Plea Deal, Will Extend Prison Sentence After Promoting Prison Contraband

Listen to Shmurda’s freestyle below.


Me And Bro @meekmill On The Line With Lil Bro @bobby_shmurda #FreeThe9 Made Him Freestyle Real Quick ———-#DC #GS9 #MBB–

A post shared by travmbb (@travmbb) on Feb 27, 201


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