Hitwall Entertainment Takes Flight ðŸ›©



Name: Ricky C. Brown

Born: August 16, 1974

From: San Diego, California

Artist Name: Likwitsol

Ricky Caron Brown(born August 16, 1974), known by his stage name Likwitsol, is a American Rapper from San Diego California , record producer,  and CEO of Hitwall Entertainment. Influenced by the early stages of Hip Hop music,  and R&B/Soul of the 1970s,  he has created a versatile style that gives him a sound of his own.  

In 2010 he put together the rap group Hitwall, which consist of three other artist. 

Lyght boi(From Bronx New York)

LG Mike and

Asti Burris(both from San Diego), came together to create a collective sound of original tracks that put them in a lane of their own.

  As each member prepares to release solo projects in 2017, Likwit in collab with Beatshop productions, gear up to put out his debut album “The Last Instrument” Late Fall/Early Spring. Working with various artist from the San Diego area,  and also down South, he said this album is sure to be another classic. “So Get Ready!” Daygo Stand up! More Will Be Revealed… Ya Know! It’s Likwit!!!


Facebook.com :Likwitsol

Twitter.com : Likwit_Sol

Reverbnation.com :likwitsol

Datpiff.com :The Hitwall

Street Journal

Soundcloud.com : Hitwall Entertainment

Youtube.com :Hitwall Ent

Facebook.com :Hitwall Ent



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