Drama! Did Nia Long’s Behavior On The Set Of ‘Empire’ Cause Taraji P. Henson Beef?

The show’s hair and makeup team have allegedly filed a complaint against the ‘Love Jones’ actress. 


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The Breakdown: This Is Why Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Are Beefing

On Saturday, Remy Ma dropped a 7 minute diss called ShEHTER directed at Nicki Minaj, who hasn’t responded yet. What’s taking so long?

Looks like there’s some drama behind the scenes of Empire.

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It’s being reported that Nia Long and Taraji P. Henson butted heads after Long’s behavior on set left a sour taste for cast and crew. 

According to TMZ, the show’s hair and makeup team have lodged a complaint against Long. Multiple people allege that the Love Jones actress was rude and unprofessional on set, with sources adding that the show has had numerous guests “from rappers to Demi Moore, and no complaints were lodged against anyone but Nia.”

Sources report that Long was regularly late, leaving cast members Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard waiting on set, often being a no-show. 

Long even allegedly told production that she planned to sue the show after the cast and crew became too distracted to say their farewells on her last day of filming.

It’s pretty custom for guest stars to receive recognition on their last day, but the source revealed that because Howard was having some sort of allergic reaction, everyone got caught up in trying to help the actor. The Love Jones actress allegedly told production that the “goodbye” was in her contract, however, production denies that it was. 

Reports also go on to add that beef between Long and Henson all started with a joke. 

Henson reportedly asked if Long was on her period after the actress chewed out another cast member. The cast member had allegedly joked that Long was on “Black people time,” which led to the actress throwing a fit and Henson jokingly saying, “What are you, on your period? Is it that time, girlfriend?”

Long’s reps deny the allegations, telling TMZ, “We stand by our comments that Nia has always, and continues to be, a consummate professional on set. In respect to her working relationships with the cast, she came onto this project, in the first place, because of her long-standing friendship and professional relationship with Terrence Howard. We are not aware of any complaint, suit or case against her from anyone involved in the show.”

Not too long ago Henson and Long were posing for a cute selfie, if these rumors are true, it seems those days are long gone. 


Azealia Banks’ Arrest Warrant Retracted Following Court Appearanceby Colin Stutz

attempted assault charges.

A New York judge set aside an arrest warrant for Azealia Banks, after the rapper appeared in court on Tuesday (March 7). Banks’ entertainment attorney John Vafa confirmed the news with Billboard

The arrest warrant was issued because Banks failed to appear in court on Monday for a hearing on misdemeanor assault and attempted assault charges related to a 2015 incident where she allegedly attacked a female security guard at a New York nightclub.

Vafa issued a statement on Tuesday saying Banks had mixed up her court date, thinking it was Wednesday, and was unable to attend because she was in France for Paris Fashion Week. 


Azealia Banks Fails to Appear in Court, Judge Issues Warrant for Her Arrest

“The Court retracted the warrant. Azealia appeared immediately after she returned to New York,” Vafa told Pitchfork in a statement. 

Dave Chappelle Addresses Hometown City Council to Discuss Police Violence: Watchby Colin Stutz

Dave Chappelle spoke addressing his hometown city council of Yellow Springs, Ohio, on Monday night, asking they support a progressive change in policing there that might act as an example for the whole country. 

The comedian’s comments came in relation to an altercation between police and citizens of the village on New Year’s Eve that received national attention, where two people were based by law enforcement. Chappelle called the incident a “huge gaffe”  but said it gives the town an “opportunity to be a leader in progressive law enforcement.”

Following the New Year’s Eve event, the village’s police chief resigned. Now, as the city council looks for a replacement, Chappelle beseeched its members to “look deeply and look hard” for someone who can properly represent the “incredibly unique” town and possibly make an impact nationwide. 


Dave Chappelle, Cast of BET’s ‘The New Edition Story’ Drop In For Chance the Rapper’s Latest ‘Open Mike’ Night

“This is a golden opportunity — literally, could kill the game,” he said. “In this Trump era, there’s an opportunity to show everyone that local politics reigns supreme. We can make our corner of the world our standard.”

Chappelle is a longtime resident of Yellow Springs and his father was a professor at Antioch College there. 

Watch video of his address here:


‘T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle’ Ending After 6th Seasonby Colin Stutz

‘T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle’ Ending After 6th Season

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris attend the VH1 Big In 2015 with Entertainment Weekly Awards at Pacific Design Center on Nov. 15, 2015 in West Hollywood, California. 

The VH1 reality series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle will end its run after its upcoming sixth season, reps for the show have confirmed with Billboard

The news comes amidst marital problems for the show’s stars, T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris. The two have been married since 2010 and share two sons and one daughter together. In December Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. but last week the divorce hearing was dropped. 

The show has run since 2011 and follows the family and their seven children living in Atlanta. It will end in April with its 100th episode. 


T.I. to Host Fifth Annual Global Spin Awards

“VH1 is incredibly proud of this long running series and our partnership with Tip and Tameka,” Nina L. Diaz, EVP, head of unscripted, VH1 and MTV told People in a statement. “For six years, they have opened their home and shared countless family moments with us. Reaching 100 episodes is a milestone and we couldn’t be more excited to bring viewers the highly anticipated final season.”

Battle Looms Over Bill Cosby’s Testimony on Drugs and Sex by Associated Press

The next battle in the criminal case against Bill Cosby will be whether prosecutors can use his lurid deposition testimony about giving pills and alcohol to a string of women before sex – material that may be disallowed at his trial since the judge ruled most of the women themselves can’t testify.

Judge Steven O’Neill must resolve the seeming conflict between two key pretrial rulings he made in recent months: One lets the deposition in, while the other excludes most of the accusers Cosby discusses.

The two sides will slug it out in briefs being filed in the coming weeks. The case is set for trial June 5 in suburban Philadelphia.


Bill Cosby’s Trial Shouldn’t Move Location, Prosecutor Says

Cosby, 79, is accused of drugging and molesting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his home in 2004. The TV star whose reputation as America’s Dad has been destroyed by a barrage of sexual assault allegations could get 10 years in prison if convicted. He has said the sexual contact was consensual.

The comedian gave the damaging testimony more than a decade ago as part of a lawsuit filed against him by Constand, who later settled for an undisclosed sum.

Some veteran trial lawyers doubt prosecutors can get in any of his testimony about other women, since that would amount to a backdoor way to bring in evidence the judge has blocked.

“It should all be excluded,” said Alan Tauber, a defense attorney who faced a similar issue in a Philadelphia priest-abuse trial.

Otherwise, Tauber said, the ruling barring several other women from taking the stand would be rendered “entirely an academic gesture, with no meaning.”


Bill Cosby Shows Wit, Mental Agility at Court Hearing

If the material is excluded, the jury won’t hear Cosby admit giving quaaludes to a 19-year-old he met in a hotel gift shop before having sex with her; describe giving three drinks to a teen actress at his New York townhouse during a supposed acting lesson before moving to the couch where, she says, he sought oral sex; or deny knowing a Las Vegas masseuse or a Sausalito, California, waitress who say they were drugged and attacked.

“I doubt if any of that comes in,” said David Rudovsky, a criminal lawyer and University of Pennsylvania law professor.
Prosecutors had hoped to call 13 other accusers to try to show Cosby had a pattern of drugging and molesting women that spanned 50 years.

In a victory for Cosby that could prove even bigger at trial, O’Neill ruled last month that the jury can hear about only the most recent of those allegations, involving a woman who worked for Cosby’s agent at the William Morris Agency. She said Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her during a lunch meeting in 1996.

Cosby was not asked about her in the deposition because she had not yet come forward.

However, the judge could still allow Cosby’s more general testimony about the use of quaaludes. In the deposition, Cosby said he obtained about seven prescriptions of the powerful sedative from his doctor in the 1970s.

“When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” Constand lawyer Dolores Troiani asked him.

“Yes,” Cosby replied.


Bill Cosby Court Case: Judge to Weigh Potential Testimony of 13 Other Women

Joseph Cammarata, the attorney for the accuser who met Cosby in the Las Vegas gift shop, said the quaalude testimony should be allowed because it’s not specific to his client or anyone else.

“He talks about his approach to sexual contact with women. His approach is, ‘I’ve got quaaludes that are not for my own use. … I’m going to use them to have sex with young women.’ That’s pretty powerful, important admissions,” Cammarata said.
When Cosby was asked during the deposition if he had any quaaludes or similar drugs on hand when he met Constand, his lawyer intervened before the actor could answer.

Safaree Reflects on Relationship with Nicki Minaj, Reacts to Remy Ma Diss Trackby Adelle Platon

Among the names littered throughout Remy Ma‘s scathing Nicki Minaj diss track “shETHER” was Minaj’s ex-boyfriend of 12 years, Safaree Samuels. During a recent visit to The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday (March 7), Safaree brought his sparkly shoes and candid thoughts while reflecting on his personal and professional relationship with Minaj as well as the diss track. 

“I landed and I’m, like, hoping someone didn’t die because I had about 300 calls and text messages of a whole bunch of people hitting me up,” said Safaree, who was on a flight before he learned of the diss record.

On “shETHER,” Rem calls out Nick for having ghostwriters, which was allegedly Safaree’s role. “It was a collaborative effort — she doesn’t sit there and do absolutely nothing. I definitely was a helping force that had to do with creating music,” he explained. 

The conversation soon turned to money and when asked if he wanted to be compensated for helping Minaj, he responded, “It’s only fair.” He added, “I had my own account but as far as money coming in, she paid me. I did work and she was the boss of the situation.” 


Rappers and Celebrities Are Weighing In on the Beef Between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma

“It was just a lot going on behind the scenes,” he also said of the lawsuit he hit Minaj with in November 2015. 

As for his current endeavors, Safaree explained why he took on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. “The exposure and how I portray myself on it is good for me and expanding my brand because if you’re somebody who naturally is going to be ignorant, ratchet and fighting anywhere you go, then that’s just how you are but I’m not gonna go on TV because there’s cameras on me, I’m gonna start fighting people now.” 

In Wendy Williams fashion, the host then started prying about his relationship with Minaj. “The last year, year and a half, it just got really different. We just grew apart and at the end of the day, Meek had a lot to do with me and her breaking up,” he said. He recalled how he was also involved in the creative process of Nicki Minaj’s last album, The Pinkprint, until the last month. “Then I found out she had two songs with [Meek] on the album … and I just had an instinct there was more to it.” 

Watch the loaded Q&A where they also discuss Nicki Minaj’s attitude and body, whether he’d consider getting back with her and reveals how Minaj’s camp tried to block the Wendy interview below.


Where are they? Outrage over perceived increase in missing black, Latina girls in D.C.

Where are they? Outrage over perceived increase in missing black, Latina girls in D.C.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Black lawmakers are calling on the FBI to investigate whether there is an increase in cases of missing black children and teens in the nation’s capital. 

In a letter obtained by the Associated Press, Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director James Comey to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.”

The Metropolitan Police Department said there hasn’t been an increase in missing people cases in D.C., it just seems that way because the police department is using Twitter more often to publicize missing person reports.

sezer66, Getty Images/iStockphoto

On social media, people are using the hashtag #MissingDcGirls to voice frustration over lack of media coverage in what  many believe is an uptick in cases of missing black and Latina girls.

“There are so many girls missing , help find them instead of focusing on some football jersey,” @Twerkballerina tweeted.

But is there really an increase in missing person cases in the Washington, D.C.-area? The short answer is no, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

The police department has simply been using Twitter more often to publicize missing person reports, Acting Police Chief Peter Newsham said to clear up the public concern over the youth cases.

Sharing them more on social media is giving the impression the number of cases has increased, he said, when they haven’t. He said missing person reports are down so far in 2017.

According to the head of Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth and Family Services, over the past five years 200 people have been reported missing each month.

So far in 2017, there have been 190 cases on average.

From 2012 to 2016, officials said 99 percent of all missing person cases have been closed. Out of those 19,000 cases, only 16 remain open.

RELATED: How to help a missing child

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Acting Chief Newsham also confirmed they have found no connection to these cases and human trafficking, which is another theory that has been circulating online.

According to the Black and Missing foundation, an organization that brings awareness to missing children of color, 36.8 %  of missing children nationwide are black.

“We also noticed that a lot of African American children that go missing are initially classified as runaways,” Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation. “They do not get an Amber Alert or media coverage.”