Jo Mi-hye (Hangul: 조미혜; born November 2, 1981), better known by her stage name Miryo (미료), is a South Korean rapper, who is part of the Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. The stage name Miryo comes from her childhood nickname Jomiryo, which is the name of a Korean seasoning.
Honey Family
Miryo started her career in 1999 when she featured on one of Honey Family’s songs. 
She joined the group the following year but was only a member for their second album.
 It was a time when the hip-hop scene was very popular and Honey Family’s style of music as well as the group was gaining enormous amount of spotlight. After the team disbanded, she featured in other artists’ song.
Brown Eyed Girls
Miryo, received an offer from JeA to join Brown Eyed Girls. She accepted the offer and became the rapper of the group.
Solo career
Miryo made her solo debut with her self-produced album “MIRYO aka JOHONEY”. The album features a slew of formidable guest from idol groups to hip hop heavyweights.
Aside from rapping, Miryo is also a songwriter. She is known as the female idol that has copyright to the most songs, currently she has a total of 56 songs. She used to be a composer and lyricist for Honey Family and also her current group Brown Eyed Girls.



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