Why Start a Blog?

MzChief Beatshop

MzChief Beatshop

I thought about starting a blog to talk about my music journey. Ive had other blogs but this one is special all about music and what I love. I’ve have so much on my mind that I find this is cheaper than therapy. The part of my life I’m in right now is full of surprises and blessings that have enriched my life. Speaking as a woman in music I have experienced good and bad. But the good has always out weighed the bad. When I decided to take music “seriously” I engulfed myself with any kind of music resource I could get my hands on. I started researching. I’ll share those with you too. I want not only a sound good but musically connect and expand in melodies . Here’s my #SoundCloud http:// https://soundcloud.com/mzchief1/sets/mzchief-unleashed-volume-1

MzChief Beatshop

MzChief Beatshop


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